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Part 20

Part 20 of Wonders of World Aviation was published on Tuesday 19th July 1938, price 7d.

This part included a central photogravure supplement showing German civil aircraft, illustrating the article on Germany’s Air Lines.

The Cover

This week’s cover, based on a photograph supplied by Flight, shows a Hawker Hind diving. The Hawker Hind is a single-engined day bomber used by the Royal Air Force. This biplane has a Roll-Royce Kestrel V engine rated at 600 horse-power at 11,000 feet. The speed at sea level is 154 miles an hour, rising to 118 miles an hour at 19,680 feet.

This cover was reproduced as the colour plate in part 21.

a Hawker Hind diving

Contents of Part 20

Novel Uses of the Aeroplane

(Part 2)

Railway Air Services

Germany’s Air Lines

Germany’s Air Lines

(photogravure supplement)

Germany’s Air Lines:

Photogravure Supplement - 2

CATAPULTED AIRCRAFT have played an important part in the development of German mail and freight services. Catapults are used for the aircraft that operate the mail service between Germany and South America. Until the end of 1935 aeroplanes were catapulted from the Europa and the Bremen to expedite the delivery of mails carried by these ships. The illustration shows the seaplane mounted on the catapult of the Europa.

Germany’s Air Lines:

Photogravure Supplement

A GERMAN JUNKERS AIR LINER arriving at Croydon Airport. This aircraft, of the G38 type, accommodates thirty-four passengers and a crew of seven. It is powered by four 750 horse-power Junkers Jumo 204 diesel engines. The maximum speed is 131 miles an hour. The liner’s length is 77 ft 2-in and the wing span is 146 feet.

Germany’s Air Lines:

Photogravure Supplement - 3

AN AIR VIEW OF MUNICH AERODROME, which is a junction point for several German air routes. The main route from Berlin to Rome passes through Munich. From Munich there are air routes to Vienna, to Zurich and to Frankfurt; there is one direct route to Frankfurt and one via Nuremberg.

A GERMAN JUNKERS G38 AIR LINER arriving at Croydon Airportthe seaplane mounted on the catapult of the Europathe seaplane mounted on the catapult of the EuropaAN AIR VIEW OF MUNICH AERODROME

Contents of Part 20

The Cub Monoplane

The Schneider Trophy

End of Volume 1