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List of Illustrations

This page provides a complete list of the main illustrations in Wonders of World Aviation.

There are separate lists for the colour plates and the photogravure supplements. Links are provided to take you to these illustrations.

Colour Plates

The Short-Mayo Composite Aircraft (part 1)

The Miles Magister (part 2)

International Service Markings (part 7)

Ranks, Badges and Flags of the RAF (part 8)

The US Airship “Macon” Being Moored (part 11)

The Aeroplane Proposed by Hensen in 1842 (part 13)

Pilot’s Cockpit Equipped for Blind Flying (part 15)

The Four Bristol Jupiter Engines of the “Scylla” (part 17)

The “Mercury” (part 19)

A Hawker Hind Diving (part 21)

A Douglas DC-2 Airliner of Swissair (part 23)

Lunardi’s Second Balloon (part 27)

The Avro Anson (part 30)

Boeing B-17B Bomber (part 34)

Fighter Squadron Markings (part 37)

Two-Seat Pterodactyl Aircraft (part 39)

Photogravure Supplements

Over Everest by Air (part 3)

Types of Airship (part 4)

Air Photography (part 5

The Fleet Air Arm (part 6)

Air Traffic Control (part 7)

Romance of Ballooning (part 9)

Formation Flying (part 10)

South Africa’s Air Routes (part 12)

World-Wide French Services (part 14)

Fighter Design (part 16)

The Pupil Becomes a Pilot (part 18)

Germany’s Air Lines (part 20)

Aviation in Sweden (part 22)

Aircraft Electrical Equipment (part 24)

British Airways (part 25)

Aircraft Maintenance (part 26)

Saro Aircraft (part 28)

Pan American Airways (part 29)

American Airships (part 31)

Royal Canadian Air Force (part 32)

Cobham’s Pioneer Empire Flights (part 33)

Patrol Boats of the Air (part 35)

Pilotless Aircraft (part 36)

Commercial Flying in the USA (part 38)